Thursday, November 6, 2008

24 Hour Comic Project

Just a quick little update (I know it's been a while). I had a blast at 24 Hour Comic Project. I created probably one of the most offensive comics I could possibly make. I'll get around to scanning some of that soon. Not sure what convention is next. We're talking about doing Motor City in Detroit in May. For now, we're just trying to work as much as we can on Alex Ghost as the first issue is set to come out in March. I'm also gonna be getting back into writing more issues of Percy The Nazi Killer. I'm currently also working on a non-art book called "Travelling America-Style: Your Guide To Travelling In The Cities You Need To Get All Up On." It's going to be a compelling read. I have some sketches sitting around somewhere, I'll put em soon, I promise. As for now, I have to go get a new license plate sticker a week late then go to work.


P.S. Congratulations to Barack Obama on his historic election victory. I see great things happening to this country. Finally.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Inter-Fan Jam 2008 Recap Pt. 1

This is just gonna be a quick recap of the weekend. I have sketches to put up as well, but that will probably be tomorrow.

So this was our (Aaron & myself) first Inter-Fan Jam and actually our first real con where we had a table together. Of course, this is the weekend where the entire United States feels the backlash of Hurricane Ike so it's been raining here almost nonstop for the past 4 days. To make a long story short, a lot of streets are blocked off due to flooding, which made it a bitch to get to the Homewood Hotel, which in turn is the reason for the pretty small turnout. That's not to say this con was a bust. We still had a really cool time mingling with self-publishers and seasoned pros alike. It was kind of weird at first cause we were clearly the youngest artists there. To say the least, we got a lot of drawing done. Aaron's about halfway through his pencils for the Amazing Joy Buzzards pinup we're doing and it's looking fucking great. I got some more painting done, which is always fun. We did a lot of networking as well, which was actually the upside of the small turnout, we actually had time to talk to other creators. We of course hooked back up with familiar faces like David and Renee and met some pros like Frank Fosco (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc.) and Alex Nino (DC cover artist). Both were really cool guys. It was awesome to be able to talk to these veterans on the same level. I'd also like to thank Frank for the sketch for the food book and the free issue of the Turtles and Alex for his contribution to the food book as well. Other than that, we did some sketches for some people, sold some stuff and had a pretty good time despite the shitty weather conditions. Hopefully things will be brighter next year.

Speaking of the food book. For those of you who don't know, the food book is a sketchbook I've been compiling of drawings of various food items done by an array of comic artists from Erik Larsen to Phil Hester to now Frank Fosco, Alex Nino, and more. I've decided that when it's complete, I'm going to self publish it and sell it to raise money for a charitable organization involving food, most like the Chicago Food Depository. I'm gonna be e-mailing all the guys that have done a piece already about it and I also have permission to include Frank and Alex's drawings as well. So since I'm gonna publish it, I'll probably include a piece and Aaron will as well. I still have a lot of other artists I'd love to include in this (like Art Baltazar, Ethan Van Sciver, etc.). So I will keep everyone updated on that.

As for cons, we've decided to forgo Mid-Ohio Con. Beginning in August, we're gonna pretty much be starting our Wizard World Tour as our publishers (BLIND LUCK COMICS, MOTHAFUCKAS!) are sending us to Wizard Chicago 2009, Wizard Texas 2009, Wizard LA 2010 and Wizard Philadelphia 2010 (as well as the ones after of course), to promote Alex Ghost and the company. So we're looking forward to going away for a weekend every three months to basically draw for 8 hours a day and then get hammered and party with the professionals. We're also looking into some other cons like this one we hear of in Milwaukee as well as Motor City Con. We're also going to be doing a little mini convention in February at the University Park Library, thanks to a very nice woman named Kelley. So we'll of course keep everything updated on the Alex MySpace.

I have a lot of sketches to put up from this weekend (8 hours of sitting around produces A LOT of art) which I will do tomorrow as right now my back hurts (from sleeping on the couch; fuckin' pencillers, buncha primadonnas) and I just wanna lay down and watch some TV or something. So until Part 2, adios mofos.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Limited Run Watercolor Prints

I did a series of three watercolor prints for Inter-Fan Jam '08 this weekend. I love the way they turned out. I made 20 prints of each, printed in high quality ink and individually numbered on nice card-stock. I think I'm gonna be selling them for like $5 each. If I have any left (and that's a big if, but would be nice), I'll sell em online as well as at Mid-Ohio Con. I made some quick scans of them to put up here. Thanks to my ass scanner, they look a little washed out. Trust me, my scanner doesn't do these puppies justice. Come to Inter-Fan this weekend and see em (and buy em?) in person.

Ghost Rider




And just for your patience, here are a couple panels from Alex Ghost #1 (just the inks and pencils, we still have to clean it up and color).

That's all for now folks. See you all at Inter-Fan Jam this weekend. Here's a little info for it:

Inter-Fan Jam 2008
The Homewood Hotel
17400 Halsted St.
Homewood, IL
Saturday September 13th & Sunday September 14th
10 AM - 6 PM


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Things!

Brief little update. After spending four hours trying to find an art store so I can buy some new pens (my local store just up and closed down!), I worked on inking the Alex pages up until a little bit ago. I have the first two pages done and it's looking great. I'm gonna take a break and do some more pages tomorrow before I go to work. So continuing with my barrage of Things, here's a couple more.

(God I fucking love Tombo pens. I'm so glad this new shop I'm gonna go to now carries them!)

(Clever huh?)

Until next time.

Monday, August 25, 2008

"What I Did On My Unemployment" And Some Sketches I Did...On My Unemployment

So here it is, finally. My all-crayon comic strip, "What I Did On My Unemployment".

Hopefully that's the last time I have to do a comic-strip involving my unemployment.

And here's some other sketches for your enjoyment.

So as you may know, Aaron and I will be appearing at Inter-Fan Jam '08 in Homewood, IL on September 13th & 14th. Well, I was on their website the other day, snooping around, and I saw their list of artists and exhibitors. We were on there and for some reason we were listed as creators of "Percy The Nazi Whale". Where they got Whale from Killer is beyond me. So we both thought it was pretty funny so here is my sketch of Percy The Nazi Whale. Aaron will be doing one as well, I'll like to his when he puts it up (he finally got the internet back, so he can update shit!). We're considering doing a little backup story in an issue of Percy. See you all at Inter-Fan.

And here's another sketch I did of Mr. Grimm himself, The Thing, for Ivan Brandon's thread over at the Image message board. You should go check that thread out as there are some awesome sketches from the likes of Chuck BB, Francesco Francavilla, Fabio Moon, Esad Ribic and more!

So that's it for now. That was a ton 'o shit. So don't complain if I go a few days without putting shit up. I'll be spending the next two days (cause I'm off work) working on the Alex pages that Aaron sent me (they look FUCKING AWESOME). Anywho, if you're going to Inter-Fan Jam, drop us a line on the MySpace or something. Peas.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh Thing!

Finally the scanner is no longer acting like a bitch. I don't feel like scanning EVERYTHING tonight. But I did scan this quick sketch I did of The Thing to put into Ivan Brandon's sketch thread on the Image message board. I know it sounds like the usual story, but the scan was kinda shitty. It looks waaaaay better on paper. But anywho, I'd like to share it. Hopefully by entering that thread, I didn't just ensure me being the "kid with the shitty Thing sketch". Oh well.

So that's that. I did a Percy The Nazi Whale sketch earlier (go to and look at the list of artists on the Inter-Fan Jam '08 section and you'll know what I'm talking about). I'll probably post that tomorrow along with (finally) my all-crayon comic strip entitled "What I Did On My Unemployment". It'll be a good way to kick off my first day of actual training at my new job. Anywhizzle, that's all artichokes!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scanner Screwy & Alex Pages Coming!

I actually have art to post up but my scanner is acting all screwy. I gotta reset it or something. I have some cool sketches of The Hulk and Punisher as well as a comic strip I did completely in crayon called "What I Did On My Unemployment". Said unemployment is ending Sunday. I got a job as a computer salesperson at Best Buy, which is pretty sweet. The discount is out of this world. I am most definitely buying a Wacom tablet once I get some paychecks rolling in.

Aaron mailed out I believe half of Alex #1 last Friday. Since the package weighs so much, it's kind of slow getting here. But once I get em, I'm gonna get cracking and I'll probably post up some snapshots of some panels or something. I've been steadily working on Percy The Nazi Killer as well. I just e-mailed the script for Issue #2 to Aaron today. So that's three issues down so far (including #0). I got two more issues of this arc to write and then I think I'll take a break for a week or so and focus on getting the art for Alex ready. I also gotta work on 5 pages of Percy with Aaron because we're going to be pitching it to a few companies. Things are looking pretty good. We have a meeting with the publisher for Alex Ghost in a couple weeks. And then September 13th & 14th, Aaron and I have Inter-Fan Jam '08 in Homewood, IL. We're gonna have brand new Percy The Nazi Killer posters to give out. And I think we're going to have brand new Alex Ghost posters for Mid-Ohio Con. So if any of you got a poster at Wizard World Chicago, feel special because we'll probably not be re-printing that one since we opted for a new cover. If you have one and are coming to either Inter-Fan or M.O.C., bring it with so we can draw mustaches and dicks all over it.

I saw the layout for Joe Dodd's (Green Lantern) cover for Alex Ghost #2. It's gonna be so fucking awesome. I'm so excited to be working with such talented artists. Alex Ghost #3's over will be done by Dan Cassity of the Comic Creator Cabal and creator of Morningstar. And then Alex #4's cover will be by the black metal beast himself, Chuck BB (Black Metal, Decibel Magazine). Can't wait.

I guess that's it for now. I'll get this bitch ass scanner to work and then I'll post some new stuff up. Chuuuuuuuch.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

The God Damn Truth

No new art to post up today. Got two job interviews starting in about a half hour. Yesterday I spent most of the day writing up the synopsis and selling points for our pitch for Percy The Nazi Killer. Not gonna say where we're pitching it yet cause I don't want any negativity and I don't wanna get jinxed. Aaron's sending me Alex stuff Friday. We're gonna have black & white previews of Alex #1 and Percy #0 at Mid-Ohio Con. We're gonna have exclusive Percy posters at Inter-Fan Jam '08 in September. Good stuff. Anyways, Kirkman put up what I think was the ballsiest video ever (in relation to the comic industry) on CBR last night. If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you do.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Finally Some New/Old Art & Dave Losso: The Writer!

Finally, finally. I have some new art to post up. One is new and one is old. So I quit my job last Thursday, without a back-up job. I think I'm gonna win the award for Smartest Thing Ever Done. So I'm living off my last two paychecks plus some money I made selling The Dark Knight viral stuff online. (If you wanna, you know, buy some art from me, I do accept PayPal, money orders, checks and PEZ). I have a few prospects in line and hopefully I'll be getting some calls soon. But for now, I'm enjoying my unemployment. I've worked on average 5 days a week for the past 4 years with probably a total of 3 weeks vacation. So I do have a lot of free time to work on stuff. I would have more art done but I've fallen ass-backwards into being the writer on Percy The Nazi Killer. And I'll have to admit, as much as I love drawing, writing's a fucking blast. I just love it, especially since the source material that Aaron created way back when has opened up so many creative opportunities. I have so much planned for it. I just finished typing Issue #1 today (I did an Issue #0 as well, which we will be doing as a preview for Mid-Ohio Con I believe). So now that I have two issues already knocked out, I think I'll take some time to get some drawing down, maybe work on Doodle & Boogs some more. I'm also waiting (impatiently) for Aaron to send me Alex Ghost pages to ink.

So onward with the art. I drew a really funny picture of the Hulk running a marathon yesterday as a gift for Erin Norton, my friend's older sister who will be running in a marathon this October to raise money to help fight AIDs. So Hulk is yelling "Hulk Smash AIDS!" as he crosses the finish line. And like an asshole, I forgot to scan it before I brought it to the benefit last night. So I'm hoping Erin will scan it sometime or take a snapshot and send it to me so I can post it here. I'd really like to host a drawing night session sometime soon to help raise money for the marathon. Just get a buncha people together sketchin, invite people over, crack open a nice box of wine and then sell the sketches for charity at the end of the night. You know, Dave, you might be on to something.

So onward with the art, again. Finally.

Here's a Deadpool I did as a warmup sketch yesterday. Just a quick Micron chisel-tip and then some red Sharpie. I know the swords are uneven, but oh well. I don't draw enough Deadpool, so there. Plus I got pumped to do some Deadpool after I checked out Skottie Young's Blogspot. He did the covers for Cable vs Deadpool and he's the current New X-Men artist and will be doing the eight-issue Marvel Illustrated Wonderful Wizard Of Oz mini-series. He's also a fellow Chicagoan. Go check his shit out, I'm gonna put it in my links list.

I actually witnessed this happen at Wizard World Chicago 2007. I immediately had to sit down and draw it in the midst of trying not to shit my pants cause I was laughing so hard. That's what cons are all about, seeing people break character. Like when we saw Obi-Wan Kenobi at the lunch buffet this year at the hotel. Good shit.

Until then, that's all she wrote. I hope to have more art up this week. Peace bromosexuals.

- Dave

P.S. Go see Pineapple Express.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Congratulations To Chuck BB On His First Eisner Award!

Chuck BB, one of the most metal comic book artists on the planet, recently won his first Eisner Award for his work on Black Metal. If you haven't read Black Metal yet, you should go suck a pair of balls, cause it's awesome. Anyways, congrats to Chuck. Everyone go over to his blog and tell him he rocks but that my beard is cooler.



Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Percy #0, Alex Ghost #1, I Wish I Had Something To Continue To #2

No new art to post up yet. I have some Doodle & Boogs character designs but they're not quite ready yet. I planned on doing some drawing (and some Star Wars action figure buying) today but I got called into the piece of shit I like to call the video store to work on my day off. But today wasn't a complete bust! I literally just finished typing up the script for Percy The Nazi Killer #0! It is in Aaron's inbox as I type this, ready to get doodled up. How I ended up becoming the writer of the very first issue of Percy The Nazi Killer is still a mystery to myself. I originally thought I was just writing a treatment for it to send to Aaron and Drew to finalize it but then somehow Aaron just had me write the whole thing. And honestly, it's some of the best shit I've ever written. No joke. I think we're gonna try knocking that out to show at Mid-Ohio Con as a preview of what's to come from our little collective of budding minds. I also believe I will be penning issue #1 as well, seeing as I have it pretty much already outlined and ready to be written. But for now, I'm preparing to ink Alex Ghost issue #1.

Speaking of which, if you head over to our MySpace, Aaron posted up the cover to issue #1. He did that all by himself because if I woulda inked it, it woulda been a waste of time as the color would covered it all up anyways. I love how it turned out and you should too. The next three issues will feature guest artists doing our covers. I believe Chuck BB ("Black Metal") and Joe Dodd ("Green Lantern") are lined up and that we are working on securing a fourth artist. Looking forward to that. So go check out the Space.

I think that's it for now. I need some sleepies. Bye.

- MF Daver

P.S. I'm a member of the DHARMA Initiative and you're not. Namaste mothafuckas!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Thousand Pardons!

Okay, okay, okay. So I'm late. SO SUE ME. I'm sorry for getting loud just now baby. I didn't mean it. Alright and the award for the weirdest blog intro of 2008 goes to...

So I've been a bit lax of late with the whole tooth debacle and work. I've actually drawn a lot today as well as last night and a bit sprinkled throughout the past week. Since I'm waiting for Aaron to send me the first set of pages for Alex Ghost #1, I've been working on my own graphic novel, Doodle & Boogs. It's a kid-friendly graphic novel about all the weird stuff that happens when you're a young one. Right now I'm working on character designs and outlining the story. I plan on posting some of that up sooner or later as well. But today I knocked out three solid pin-ups that I had to put up cause I really like them. So these should make up for my lack of hustle as they are three sweet ones.

Here you got your standard Hellboy. Kinda wish I did something different with the eyes but otherwise I enjoy it. I'm giving this to Stacey.

Next up we have a very angry looking Batman. I did the sketch in straight up Micron chisel tip and then filled in all the black with some Higgens design ink on a cutip. I kinda dig it as it reminds me of Dustin Nguyen's colors on his covers for Detective Comics. I've been wanting to experiment with using other colors as well and hopefully I'll get around to that soon.

And lastly, we have our man Rorschach. Honestly, I've doodled and sketched and whatevered Rorschach about a thousand times and this is probably the best I've ever done him. After seeing the bad ass Watchmen trailer for the hundredth time, I felt compelled to draw him again. God does that movie look awesome. And that Comic-Con panel was cool too. And I know I'm a soon-to-be-married man but Carla Gugino during that panel...ouch.

As for The Dark Knight. Three words: OH MY GOD. Jesus was that movie incredible. I've seen it three times already (loser!) and I can honestly sit and watch it again with an ear to ear grin. Such a solid film.

The fall is not too far away, which means more conventions! Aaron and myself will be in the Artist Alley at the Inter-Fan Jam 2008 in Homewood, IL. It takes place September 13th & 14th at the Homewood Hotel. ( for more info). And then the whole Alex Ghost family will be packing up the station wagon in October to be a part of Mid-Ohio Con. That will be October 4th & 5th. So make sure to come up and say hello to us as we will be sitting around drawing dicks and machine guns all weekend.

Okay, so I promise I will never be this late again with blog updates. PROMISE!

- d

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Color Elektra And Hurt Teeth :(

Sorry for the lack of updates. My wisdom teeth decided they'd wait til I was 21 to come in so I've been in nothing but pain and discomfort. So needless to say, I haven't really been in the mood for drawing or pretty much anything for that matter. So, to throw you all a bone, I just went thru my Pictures folder to see if I had something I haven't posted yet.

So here, it's not much. Colored version of the Skrull Elektra sketch from before.

I'm getting an emergency pencil-in at the dentist tomorrow so hopefully he hooks me up with some groovy meds so I can get at least somewhat back to normal. If you wanna cheer me up, tell me I rock on Facebook or MySpace or the Superhero Hype messageboards or something. Cheers.

-Dave "Hurt Teeth" Losso

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wizard World '08 Sketches

I really need some sleep. Here are two sketches I did for the fine gentleman known as Mike Byrd while I was doing sketches at Wizard World Chicago 2008.

Did this one as the man spoke. This was my first con commission, as Mike bought it from me for the whopping price of 10 cents.

And this is the one that led to me having to do a sketch of Mr. Reynolds as Iron Man. I'm still hoping that woman sends me a copy.

Good night.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Spidey Again, A Visit From The Joker, and some con sketches!

What up? How you feelin'?

Here's that better Spidey I wanted to do. It coulda been better. So now I vow to do a better Spidey than this better Spidey. Nonetheless:

Also, continuing with my wave of cute little pudgy versions of comic book characters, here's Heath Ledger (R.I.P.) as The Joker. Wanna know how excited I am for this movie? Really excited, that's how much. I've had tickets to the midnight showing for about a week now. I have my Joker t-shirt neatly folded and waiting for that day. I already plan to see it twice in one weekend. Oh yeah. OH YEAH.

And finally, here's some of my little sketches I did on Hyatt Regency notepad paper during Warren Ellis' lecture at Wizard World.

A little Batman and some sad-looking Reed Richards for that ass.

I guess that's it for now. Aaron's on, I believe, page 5 of the pencils for Alex Ghost #1, and he's gonna send me those this week so I can start on them.

Alright then.

- Mothafuckin' Dave

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lil' Cap! Spidey! Zombies! Ninjas!

Did a buncha doodlin' and sketchin' this weekend. Here's a few of them. One's in color and the other two are b & w straight from my sketchbook and darkened a little bit in Photoshop. I got another sweet ass zombie pinup but I'm gonna take my time coloring it and whathaveyou. I also have a bitchin' Avengers group shot I did as well. Those will be up eventually. I'm finally gonna make some business cards. I drew the logo for the back of the card tonight. Enjoy, please:

Here's a little pudgy Cap to go along with the Dum Dum from earlier. I wanna make a coloring book of these someday:

Here's a Spidey that I did on accident and I love it. I vow to do it again but better real soon. It reminds me of the style they're doing Spectacular Spider-Man in. That's a really sweet cartoon, you should check it out if you can:

And finally here's a ninja chopping a zombie in half. I mostly did this to show Drew. So if you're reading this Drew, here ya go budday:

(Click on this one to make it bigger!)

Also, if you get a chance, swing on over to Aaron's new blog. He's got something similar to mine where he's gonna throw up random sketches and shit when he can. But most importantly, he'll be putting up Alex Ghost preview pages and covers whenever he so chooses. So check it out at: And while you're checking art blogs out, hit up Chuck BB's. He's a cool ass dude and a fellow lover of metal and he's going to be doing a cover for one of the Alex Ghost issues. I just read his graphic novel Black Metal and it was hilarious, definitely read that immediately! Anyways,


- MFDave

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Skrulls Have Invaded!

Random little sketch. I've been on a big Skrull kick lately. And maybe it's just me, but I think Skrull Elektra (not the shriveled up version but the hot promo version) is way hotter than regular Elektra. Maybe it's just me.

And some Dum Dum Dugan fo yo azz. Gotta love that mustache.

I got some other shit to post up (including a sketch of Mount Rushmore with the faces of the Golden joke) but I'll do that tomorrow. Or maybe later tonight. I'm all hopped up on Blue Mountain Dew (it tastes like gummy sharks I tells ya!) and Haribo gummy cola bottles. I just got back from seeing Hancock. Waaaay better than I thought it would be and continues my love for all things Peter Berg. Will Smith was spot on. Trust me, it's worth even just a matinée. Those are me two cents.

- MF

Red, White & Puke 2008!

Hot off the presses. I just finished coloring this in Photoshop. Went from sketch to ink to color all in one night. It's the little poster I'm giving out to everyone at my fiance's 4th Of July party. I basically wanted to make the most metal and manliest Uncle Sam ever. I used most of the Gods Of Asgard from the Marvel Encyclopedia for references on how to do amazingly manly and hairy muscles. I'm pleased with how it turned out. It lost a little bit of line thickness from the coloring but I still like it. I'll post up the original inks tomorrow or something. Oh well, here it is in all its glory. Maybe I'll print up a non-text version and sell it as prints at Inter-Fan '08.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hello And Old Stuff And Wizard World!

Hello Hello. I finally made a little blog so I can post random doodles and stuff that I'm working on up. I'm currently awaiting pencils for Alex Ghost #1 from Aaron so I can ink the fuck out of them. We did a preview poster together to give out at Wizard World this past weekend, which I will put up in this post. I'm also working on the story and art for Issue #0 (mini preview issue) of The Great Sandwich Detective. And I'm also working with Drew (the writer of Alex Ghost) on a short 10 page story that he came up with. I'll be doing all the art for that one. I'll wait 'til he gives the full OK before I start talking about what it's about. I believe it's gonna be part of C3's next anthology, but I could be wrong.

WW Chicago '08 was a blast. Met a ton of great people, artists, etc. I got some amazing sketches from Chuck BB (Black Metal, Pulp Comics), Nick Staklar (Criminal Macabre: My Demon Baby), Geof Darrow (Hard Boiled, Shaolin Cowboy, legend), Jeff Castaneda, Phil Hester (Irredeemable Ant-Man), Erik Larsen (legend) and John Eberle (C3 crew). Unfortunately I wasn't able to snag a sketch from Art Baltazar. He was swamped all weekend now that he's part of D.C. Oh wells. I'm happy for his success, always good to see a local guy get his dues. I'll probably post those on my MySpace or something. Most of the weekend I just nerded out and hung out with all the C3 guys. Did a lot of boozing at the Red Bar in our hotel, which was the same hotel most of everyone was staying at so we bumped into Bendis about 30 times and we kept running into Jacen Burrows, who wouldn't believe that there were about five cons at the con that looked exactly like him. Saturday night we hit up the Avatar Party in honor of Warren Ellis....who wasn't even there. Since I wasn't signed up for Artist Alley, I did most of my sketching roaming around the floor when I was chilling. Anytime someone went to look at what I was doing, I would just give them the sketch and tell them to check out the Alex Ghost MySpace ( Had a lot of those. I did do an hour at the Artist Alley on Sunday but that just made me thirsty for more. I did a really funny sketch of Burt Reynolds as The Punisher for Mike Byrd, who in turn got the attention of a Burt Reynolds fan who immediately came to the table demanding a sketch. So I did Burt Reynolds as Iron Man. I'm hoping she and everyone who I gave sketches to will scan me copies so I can post them. I also got a buncha mini sketches I did on my hotel notepad during the Warren Ellis panel, which became my unofficial and infamous "con sketchbook". I'll scan those when I'm not lazy. In the end, I spent a shitload of money and my feet still hurt but I'm still looking forward to next year already (WHY THE FUCK DO WE HAVE TO WAIT TIL AUGUST NOW?!).

We're going to be doing as many cons as we can, especially since Alex #1 will be coming out soon (we hope) and quite simply because they're a ton of fuckin' fun and we love the idea of getting paid to draw stupid shit we would doodle in our sketchbooks anyways. I know for sure Aaron & I (and I'm hoping Drew as well, but we haven't asked him yet) will be doing Inter-Fan Jam 2008 in Homewood, IL in September. It's really cheap to get in, so you should check it out, if only to come have us draw dicks with Batman masks or some insane crap. And then we're either going to be doing Minnesota Fall-Con or Mid-Ohio Con. They're the same weekend so we gotta choose one. After finding out that Minnesota gives free Artist Alley tables, free food to said artists and a BBQ at the end of the con, I think I'm leaning towards good ol' Minnesota. But we'll keep you posted on the Alex space.

For being an art blog, I typed entirely way too much. So here's the inks and then the finished color version of the Alex Ghost preview poster. And go to the MySpace (


Final Poster in Technicolor Goodness!

- MF Dave