Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Things!

Brief little update. After spending four hours trying to find an art store so I can buy some new pens (my local store just up and closed down!), I worked on inking the Alex pages up until a little bit ago. I have the first two pages done and it's looking great. I'm gonna take a break and do some more pages tomorrow before I go to work. So continuing with my barrage of Things, here's a couple more.

(God I fucking love Tombo pens. I'm so glad this new shop I'm gonna go to now carries them!)

(Clever huh?)

Until next time.

Monday, August 25, 2008

"What I Did On My Unemployment" And Some Sketches I Did...On My Unemployment

So here it is, finally. My all-crayon comic strip, "What I Did On My Unemployment".

Hopefully that's the last time I have to do a comic-strip involving my unemployment.

And here's some other sketches for your enjoyment.

So as you may know, Aaron and I will be appearing at Inter-Fan Jam '08 in Homewood, IL on September 13th & 14th. Well, I was on their website the other day, snooping around, and I saw their list of artists and exhibitors. We were on there and for some reason we were listed as creators of "Percy The Nazi Whale". Where they got Whale from Killer is beyond me. So we both thought it was pretty funny so here is my sketch of Percy The Nazi Whale. Aaron will be doing one as well, I'll like to his when he puts it up (he finally got the internet back, so he can update shit!). We're considering doing a little backup story in an issue of Percy. See you all at Inter-Fan.

And here's another sketch I did of Mr. Grimm himself, The Thing, for Ivan Brandon's thread over at the Image message board. You should go check that thread out as there are some awesome sketches from the likes of Chuck BB, Francesco Francavilla, Fabio Moon, Esad Ribic and more!

So that's it for now. That was a ton 'o shit. So don't complain if I go a few days without putting shit up. I'll be spending the next two days (cause I'm off work) working on the Alex pages that Aaron sent me (they look FUCKING AWESOME). Anywho, if you're going to Inter-Fan Jam, drop us a line on the MySpace or something. Peas.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh Thing!

Finally the scanner is no longer acting like a bitch. I don't feel like scanning EVERYTHING tonight. But I did scan this quick sketch I did of The Thing to put into Ivan Brandon's sketch thread on the Image message board. I know it sounds like the usual story, but the scan was kinda shitty. It looks waaaaay better on paper. But anywho, I'd like to share it. Hopefully by entering that thread, I didn't just ensure me being the "kid with the shitty Thing sketch". Oh well.

So that's that. I did a Percy The Nazi Whale sketch earlier (go to and look at the list of artists on the Inter-Fan Jam '08 section and you'll know what I'm talking about). I'll probably post that tomorrow along with (finally) my all-crayon comic strip entitled "What I Did On My Unemployment". It'll be a good way to kick off my first day of actual training at my new job. Anywhizzle, that's all artichokes!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scanner Screwy & Alex Pages Coming!

I actually have art to post up but my scanner is acting all screwy. I gotta reset it or something. I have some cool sketches of The Hulk and Punisher as well as a comic strip I did completely in crayon called "What I Did On My Unemployment". Said unemployment is ending Sunday. I got a job as a computer salesperson at Best Buy, which is pretty sweet. The discount is out of this world. I am most definitely buying a Wacom tablet once I get some paychecks rolling in.

Aaron mailed out I believe half of Alex #1 last Friday. Since the package weighs so much, it's kind of slow getting here. But once I get em, I'm gonna get cracking and I'll probably post up some snapshots of some panels or something. I've been steadily working on Percy The Nazi Killer as well. I just e-mailed the script for Issue #2 to Aaron today. So that's three issues down so far (including #0). I got two more issues of this arc to write and then I think I'll take a break for a week or so and focus on getting the art for Alex ready. I also gotta work on 5 pages of Percy with Aaron because we're going to be pitching it to a few companies. Things are looking pretty good. We have a meeting with the publisher for Alex Ghost in a couple weeks. And then September 13th & 14th, Aaron and I have Inter-Fan Jam '08 in Homewood, IL. We're gonna have brand new Percy The Nazi Killer posters to give out. And I think we're going to have brand new Alex Ghost posters for Mid-Ohio Con. So if any of you got a poster at Wizard World Chicago, feel special because we'll probably not be re-printing that one since we opted for a new cover. If you have one and are coming to either Inter-Fan or M.O.C., bring it with so we can draw mustaches and dicks all over it.

I saw the layout for Joe Dodd's (Green Lantern) cover for Alex Ghost #2. It's gonna be so fucking awesome. I'm so excited to be working with such talented artists. Alex Ghost #3's over will be done by Dan Cassity of the Comic Creator Cabal and creator of Morningstar. And then Alex #4's cover will be by the black metal beast himself, Chuck BB (Black Metal, Decibel Magazine). Can't wait.

I guess that's it for now. I'll get this bitch ass scanner to work and then I'll post some new stuff up. Chuuuuuuuch.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

The God Damn Truth

No new art to post up today. Got two job interviews starting in about a half hour. Yesterday I spent most of the day writing up the synopsis and selling points for our pitch for Percy The Nazi Killer. Not gonna say where we're pitching it yet cause I don't want any negativity and I don't wanna get jinxed. Aaron's sending me Alex stuff Friday. We're gonna have black & white previews of Alex #1 and Percy #0 at Mid-Ohio Con. We're gonna have exclusive Percy posters at Inter-Fan Jam '08 in September. Good stuff. Anyways, Kirkman put up what I think was the ballsiest video ever (in relation to the comic industry) on CBR last night. If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you do.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Finally Some New/Old Art & Dave Losso: The Writer!

Finally, finally. I have some new art to post up. One is new and one is old. So I quit my job last Thursday, without a back-up job. I think I'm gonna win the award for Smartest Thing Ever Done. So I'm living off my last two paychecks plus some money I made selling The Dark Knight viral stuff online. (If you wanna, you know, buy some art from me, I do accept PayPal, money orders, checks and PEZ). I have a few prospects in line and hopefully I'll be getting some calls soon. But for now, I'm enjoying my unemployment. I've worked on average 5 days a week for the past 4 years with probably a total of 3 weeks vacation. So I do have a lot of free time to work on stuff. I would have more art done but I've fallen ass-backwards into being the writer on Percy The Nazi Killer. And I'll have to admit, as much as I love drawing, writing's a fucking blast. I just love it, especially since the source material that Aaron created way back when has opened up so many creative opportunities. I have so much planned for it. I just finished typing Issue #1 today (I did an Issue #0 as well, which we will be doing as a preview for Mid-Ohio Con I believe). So now that I have two issues already knocked out, I think I'll take some time to get some drawing down, maybe work on Doodle & Boogs some more. I'm also waiting (impatiently) for Aaron to send me Alex Ghost pages to ink.

So onward with the art. I drew a really funny picture of the Hulk running a marathon yesterday as a gift for Erin Norton, my friend's older sister who will be running in a marathon this October to raise money to help fight AIDs. So Hulk is yelling "Hulk Smash AIDS!" as he crosses the finish line. And like an asshole, I forgot to scan it before I brought it to the benefit last night. So I'm hoping Erin will scan it sometime or take a snapshot and send it to me so I can post it here. I'd really like to host a drawing night session sometime soon to help raise money for the marathon. Just get a buncha people together sketchin, invite people over, crack open a nice box of wine and then sell the sketches for charity at the end of the night. You know, Dave, you might be on to something.

So onward with the art, again. Finally.

Here's a Deadpool I did as a warmup sketch yesterday. Just a quick Micron chisel-tip and then some red Sharpie. I know the swords are uneven, but oh well. I don't draw enough Deadpool, so there. Plus I got pumped to do some Deadpool after I checked out Skottie Young's Blogspot. He did the covers for Cable vs Deadpool and he's the current New X-Men artist and will be doing the eight-issue Marvel Illustrated Wonderful Wizard Of Oz mini-series. He's also a fellow Chicagoan. Go check his shit out, I'm gonna put it in my links list.

I actually witnessed this happen at Wizard World Chicago 2007. I immediately had to sit down and draw it in the midst of trying not to shit my pants cause I was laughing so hard. That's what cons are all about, seeing people break character. Like when we saw Obi-Wan Kenobi at the lunch buffet this year at the hotel. Good shit.

Until then, that's all she wrote. I hope to have more art up this week. Peace bromosexuals.

- Dave

P.S. Go see Pineapple Express.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Congratulations To Chuck BB On His First Eisner Award!

Chuck BB, one of the most metal comic book artists on the planet, recently won his first Eisner Award for his work on Black Metal. If you haven't read Black Metal yet, you should go suck a pair of balls, cause it's awesome. Anyways, congrats to Chuck. Everyone go over to his blog and tell him he rocks but that my beard is cooler.