Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rockin' Out From The Archives

I thought I'd dust off some old work from the archives after going through my old band's Photobucket. I did almost all of our fliers by hand because I hated the trend of taking a photo off Google and then typing haphazardly over it. So I pulled a few choice examples of the hand-made work. Check it out!

I think this show ended up being cancelled.

This was originally a screenprint I did in college and then I added the text to it in Photoshop. I loved seeing these hanging in windows of places. This was an awesome show too!

I remember being really mad because my friend made me 500 really nice copies of this flier to promote the show and it ended up getting cancelled.

I hope you enjoyed those. I miss making show fliers. Oh well. Should have some original artwork up soon. Getting GSD #0 reprinted next week!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Impromptu Sketch Session!

Andy and I had an impromptu sketch session tonight at our friend Eric's apartment (fun). I also had an impromptu allergy attack (no fun). I still managed to pop out some fun little doodles.

Shriner De Los Muertos!

Arrrggh! I be's an octopus!

Andy drawing a happy cactus.

Me drawing in the midst of my allergy attack. I think I was drawing the Shriner De Los Muertos. Achoo!

I honestly don't know what this guy is. Me and Andy have been on a big Hispanic kick ever since checking out Lucha Libre. You can also see Andy's Happy Cactus next to him.

Anyways, that's it for now. Be sure to hit up and check out my new Gauntlet article! Peas!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bored At Work

Just a couple little sketches today. The first is a sketch of G.S.D. I did at work instead of listening to a customer (just kidding, managers!) and the other is a little sketch I did while writing down notes for GSD #1 while drinking some pop at a restaurant. There's also a little evil Pacman in there somewhere. Enjoy.

- Dave

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pickles Are Good

Just a quick little pickle painting I did in between doing requests at the Ashley Baltazar Benefit. That is all. See you tomorrow!


P.S. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I <3 Chalk!

What can I say? Whenever there's chalk offered to me, I have to use it!
Chalk monster!

I'm working on some new storylines for The Great Sandwich Detective. I have enough storylines to last me for a year now! I'm gonna be writing up Issue #1 this week and starting on the art. I'm also gonna start on the issue I'm doing for Free Comic Book Day. And I'm pretty close to registering for Motor City Con. Busy, busy, busy! Well, that's it for now. I'm gonna enjoy the weather and eat some macaroni and cheese!


Friday, March 13, 2009

Old Sandwich Font

Hey, I found this sweet site where you can make your own fonts (, so I created a font based on what I use for signs and titles for The Great Sandwich Detective. I call it "Old Sandwich". I'm making it available for you all to download for free. Here's a sample of the font:

Click here to download!

(I used YouSendIt to upload, so the link only lasts for 7 days. If the link goes down, shoot me an e-mail and I'll re-upload it!)

A few comic shops in Illinois have agreed to carry The Great Sandwich Detective #0 (& The Egg Machine!) once I get the next batch printed up. I'm very very excited. I'm going to be talking to other stores as well. I added a section to the sidebar of the blog that will keep track of all the comic shops carrying GSD. Due note that at the time I type this, I do have the stores added on there but I haven't gotten the next batch printed yet. So the shops will not have GSD #0 in stock until I get the next print batch (which should be soon). I will let everyone know when the stores have them in stock.

Until next time. Peas.


P.S. I am 99.99999% sure I'm doing Motor City Con along with Andy Vanderbilt (Cover artist for The Great Sandwich Detective #0). I will post it in my convention schedule when I know for certain they've given me a table in the Artist's Alley!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some Old Kitties From WWC '08!

Yo yo yo. I'm trying to get back into uploading artwork and sketches her on an almost daily basis. Luckily, Stacey (my beautiful fiance) just scanned all the pages from her Hello Kitty convention sketchbook, including the two entries I did over the weekend of Wizard World Chicago 2008. So here they be:

Hello Kitty Skrull!

Hello Kitty Punisher!

Speaking of Wizard World Chicago, I'm going to be registering my Artist's Alley table soon. I know Aaron will me joining me but I don't know who else will as well. I shall keep you all posted on that. I am going to get more copies of The Great Sandwich Detective & The Egg Machine printed up soon. As soon as those are done, I'm gonna start working on getting copies into all the local comic book stores. I will keep you posted on what stores are gonna start carrying GSD! Anyways, I'm gonna go eat a cheeseburger or something and go to work (bleh!).


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Awesome Saturday! (Pictures Included)

Hey hey hey. I had such a great time yesterday at both the University Park Library Comic Convention and the Ashley Baltazar Benefit. I would like to thank one million times Kelley Nichols for being the greatest hostess of all time. She truly cares about the arts (especially the comic arts!) and is just a wonderful person all around. I cannot wait to go back and do some more comic-coning there! Unfortunately Day 2 was canceled due to the bad weather, but it's all good.

The Ashley Baltazar Benefit was such an excellent time. I was so humbled to be drawing in the same lineup as artists like Art Baltazar and Tim Seeley. It was truly surreal. Thank you to everyone who bought some artwork from myself as well as the other artists. You people are great. According to Art, the artists raised $1824! Add that to everything else and the benefit earned $22,000! That's so awesome and it's such a great cause so I'm glad to see it was all a success.

I took pictures of everyone who bought some of my artwork and here they be:

This is Andrea showing off her new Tinkerbell.

This is Bella with her upside down Mr. Potato Head card.

And here's Bella again with her Michaelangelo. Cowabunga dudette!

Here's a half good, half bad bulldog for Sean.

And here's Sean showing it off.

Ghost Rider duder.

Here's my set of little monster cards.

And here's Gracie ready to give Franky a good home. Gracie also drew a picture for me that I will put up on the blog later!

Spidey for Mary. That was the original Spidey I had here on the blog. It was hard to part with him but it was for a good cause.

Powerpuff Yeah!

She <3s The Punisher

Here's Taylor with Kevin Broccoli from The Great Sandwich Detective.

And here's Taylor with the TMNT!

Here's a hedgehog giving a shout-out to Nat!

Here's a painting of Molly. I'm not a portrait guy people!

Here's Molly pretending to like her picture.

So there you have it. Awesome Saturday my friends. GSD #0 is finished. All my copies got bought up by the University Park Library so I will be making a bunch more soon. I will, as always, keep you posted on everything!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Crazy Comic Weekend Is Upon Us All!

This weekend I will be all over the damn place getting my comic art on. (For starters, there's a midnight premiere for a little film called Watchmen tonight. Dunno if you've heard of it.)

For starters, I will have a table this weekend at the University Park Library Comic-Con! I am flying solo this time so I will presenting some of my own work as opposed to being a sex slave for Alex Ghost. I will have Issue #0 of The Great Sandwich Detective on sale. It's a labor of love I've been trying to do for a while and it's finally here and I'm really excited. To make it even better, my good friend Andy Vanderbilt is contributing a truly sweet ass cover. I will also have some original artwork on sale as well as some leftover limited run watercolor prints. And I will be doing sketches for all the good little children (and adults). So I hope to see you out there. Here's some info:

University Park Library Comic-Con
1100 Blackhawk Drive
University Park, IL
Saturday March 7th : 10am-5pm
Sunday March 8th: 1pm-5pm
(As far as I know, it's free to get in)

Also, I was just added as one of the guest artists for a fundraiser being held Saturday night by Art Baltazar (Tiny Titans, Patrick The Wolfboy). The fundraiser will help to pay medical bills for Art's cousin Ashley who suffered from a brain aneurysm and has been in a coma since September. So this will help out Art's family. This is a really great cause and I urge you all to participate. There will be a live band and also a live art show featuring a ridiculous cast of artists including Art himself, Patrick Browler, Rene Castellano, David Gruba, Matt Kapolczynski, Mike Norton, Edmund Nowiszewski, Walter Piper, Bob Renzas, Tim Seeley and Greg Titus. I am both extremely excited and humbly afraid to be a part of that lineup.

Benefit Concert/Live Art Show For Ashley Baltazar
Cornerstone Bar
8025 S Cass Ave (1/3 mile N of 1-55 on Cass Ave)
Darien, IL
7 PM-Midnight
$10 donation to get in plus all the artists will be drawing and painting for additional donations!

So come get your geek on with me this weekend! Peas.

And to please you all, here's some quick snapsnot previews of GSD #0!