Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some Old Kitties From WWC '08!

Yo yo yo. I'm trying to get back into uploading artwork and sketches her on an almost daily basis. Luckily, Stacey (my beautiful fiance) just scanned all the pages from her Hello Kitty convention sketchbook, including the two entries I did over the weekend of Wizard World Chicago 2008. So here they be:

Hello Kitty Skrull!

Hello Kitty Punisher!

Speaking of Wizard World Chicago, I'm going to be registering my Artist's Alley table soon. I know Aaron will me joining me but I don't know who else will as well. I shall keep you all posted on that. I am going to get more copies of The Great Sandwich Detective & The Egg Machine printed up soon. As soon as those are done, I'm gonna start working on getting copies into all the local comic book stores. I will keep you posted on what stores are gonna start carrying GSD! Anyways, I'm gonna go eat a cheeseburger or something and go to work (bleh!).


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