Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh Thing!

Finally the scanner is no longer acting like a bitch. I don't feel like scanning EVERYTHING tonight. But I did scan this quick sketch I did of The Thing to put into Ivan Brandon's sketch thread on the Image message board. I know it sounds like the usual story, but the scan was kinda shitty. It looks waaaaay better on paper. But anywho, I'd like to share it. Hopefully by entering that thread, I didn't just ensure me being the "kid with the shitty Thing sketch". Oh well.

So that's that. I did a Percy The Nazi Whale sketch earlier (go to and look at the list of artists on the Inter-Fan Jam '08 section and you'll know what I'm talking about). I'll probably post that tomorrow along with (finally) my all-crayon comic strip entitled "What I Did On My Unemployment". It'll be a good way to kick off my first day of actual training at my new job. Anywhizzle, that's all artichokes!


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