Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Percy #0, Alex Ghost #1, I Wish I Had Something To Continue To #2

No new art to post up yet. I have some Doodle & Boogs character designs but they're not quite ready yet. I planned on doing some drawing (and some Star Wars action figure buying) today but I got called into the piece of shit I like to call the video store to work on my day off. But today wasn't a complete bust! I literally just finished typing up the script for Percy The Nazi Killer #0! It is in Aaron's inbox as I type this, ready to get doodled up. How I ended up becoming the writer of the very first issue of Percy The Nazi Killer is still a mystery to myself. I originally thought I was just writing a treatment for it to send to Aaron and Drew to finalize it but then somehow Aaron just had me write the whole thing. And honestly, it's some of the best shit I've ever written. No joke. I think we're gonna try knocking that out to show at Mid-Ohio Con as a preview of what's to come from our little collective of budding minds. I also believe I will be penning issue #1 as well, seeing as I have it pretty much already outlined and ready to be written. But for now, I'm preparing to ink Alex Ghost issue #1.

Speaking of which, if you head over to our MySpace, Aaron posted up the cover to issue #1. He did that all by himself because if I woulda inked it, it woulda been a waste of time as the color would covered it all up anyways. I love how it turned out and you should too. The next three issues will feature guest artists doing our covers. I believe Chuck BB ("Black Metal") and Joe Dodd ("Green Lantern") are lined up and that we are working on securing a fourth artist. Looking forward to that. So go check out the Space.

I think that's it for now. I need some sleepies. Bye.

- MF Daver

P.S. I'm a member of the DHARMA Initiative and you're not. Namaste mothafuckas!

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