Thursday, November 6, 2008

24 Hour Comic Project

Just a quick little update (I know it's been a while). I had a blast at 24 Hour Comic Project. I created probably one of the most offensive comics I could possibly make. I'll get around to scanning some of that soon. Not sure what convention is next. We're talking about doing Motor City in Detroit in May. For now, we're just trying to work as much as we can on Alex Ghost as the first issue is set to come out in March. I'm also gonna be getting back into writing more issues of Percy The Nazi Killer. I'm currently also working on a non-art book called "Travelling America-Style: Your Guide To Travelling In The Cities You Need To Get All Up On." It's going to be a compelling read. I have some sketches sitting around somewhere, I'll put em soon, I promise. As for now, I have to go get a new license plate sticker a week late then go to work.


P.S. Congratulations to Barack Obama on his historic election victory. I see great things happening to this country. Finally.

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