Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summit City Comic-Con 2010 Recap

This con season has been amazing thus far. I had a blast at the first ever Summit City Comic-Con, held in unbelievably nice Ft. Wayne, IN. I've never been treated so well at a show before. It was absolutely amazing. The volunteers were great and of course the host with the most, Zack Kruse, was the man.

I had a really fun time on the panel with Art, Mike and Dan. Totally felt like a rockstar, even it was for only 55 minutes. The kids and adults all seemed to have fun and they asked some good questions. Big ups to John Siuntres from for moderating and keeping it interesting. I should have a video up sometime this week.

I'd also like to thank everyone who came out and supported this con in its first year. You, the fans, made it a success. You're all awesome. Thank you all for coming by the table and picking up copies of my books and hanging out and high fiving. You were all so very kind to me and made my experience at SCCC that much better.

So I got a buncha pics to share, here goes:

Da Coach. We joked in the panel that a Ditka comic needs to be made. I called dibs.

Cupcake with a stache. Basically everything I drew that day had a stache.

Even the How Stuff Happens mountains got 'stached!


I think the Joker was one of the only sketches I did that didn't include some form of facial hair.

Garbage cans at every table = the most genius idea ever.

I liked this storm cloud painting I did so much that it's now the background on my phone. Wow, I have a huge ego.

It's important that kids read comics about sandwiches that solve crimes. (Thanks to Bill for the photo)

Three wonderful young ladies displaying their British R2D2.

Pop wrapped in a napkin. Classy.

Sean demonstrates the classiness.

Mike Norton's The Answer....with a handlebar mustache.

I ended the evening with some fully loaded Rally's fries. I'm sure this was very healthy.

Man, that was a lot of pictures.

So just an update on GSD #1. I announced a May 26th store release. That is partially true. Some stores will have them tomorrow. Due to the overwhelming response to the book the past two weekends at the conventions, I was left with very limited stock. So I split the remaining stock between Brainstorm Comics, The Comic Vault and Chicago Comics (at the time I'm writing this, I will be bringing them to Chicago Comics in the morning). Get Your Game On in Ann Arbor, MI also has them and may have already had them out for sale. I am placing an emergency re-order this week. When I receive them, I will be delivering copies to Tenth Planet, Challengers, Fantasy Books and then whoever else requests them. To make up for the fact that some of the stores will get delayed stock, I will be randomly inserting one of a kind artist sketch cards in various copies. So just to recap: You can go to Brainstorm, The Comic Vault and Chicago Comics tomorrow and pick up copies. All other stores will be receiving them in a couple of weeks.

How Stuff Happens #2 will be coming out June 9th (just in time for Cherry Capital Con) and will be entitled "How Toast Is Made". It's gonna be fun stuff. I'll post a preview pic up next week. There are still copies of How Stuff Happens #1 available at Brainstorm and The Comic Vault. I'm gonna work on a massive reprint soon so I can give copies to other stores as well. As for GSD #2, I have it slotted for a June 30th release date. After that, it will be going to the bi-monthly schedule with Issue #3 coming out August 18th, just in time for Chicago Comic-Con.

I suppose that's it for now. I'm super busy wrapping up GSD #2 and other projects. But I'm having such an amazing time doing this and meeting all you wonderful people. Woo!


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