Sunday, May 2, 2010

Free Comic Book Day 2010 Recap

So I had a somewhat brief but fun FCBD. Due to a death in the family, my schedule got shaken up and I originally had canceled all my signings for the day. But when I got home I felt like nothing would make me feel better like drawing for people. So I headed over to Brainstorm Comics for a bit and then ended my night at The Comic Vault, drawing and sketching alongside Nino and Lil' Nino Mesarina. I have some pictures to share as well. I'd like to thank everyone who came and supported their local shops and artists. Thank you to everyone who grabbed a copy of How Stuff Happens #1. Thank you to everyone who came and high fived me and bought a sketch or a print from me. Thanks to Robert and the Brainstorm guys for being so great to me. Thanks to the Comic Vault staff for making me feel at home and feel like a rockstar. And thank you all for your condolences. My family and myself appreciate it greatly.

This is the cover of the first issue of my new kids comic/coloring book How Stuff Happens!

The ol' standby.

Stanley and his Batman and dad!

Dave Scheidt gave me a dollar to draw Sinestro. So I drew Sinestro on the dollar. Hardy har har.

Okay, so here's the actual Sinestro.

Some of the Comic Vault dudes had me draw them as mountains, How Stuff Happens-style.

The likenesses!

Mary said to draw something cute for her, like a bunny. So I made that bunny a flaming agent of vengeance.

The Comic Vault's own Everett coloring in a copy of How Stuff Happens #1!

And of course, the Dave Scheidt coloring Issue #1 as well.

Good ol' Cap in full color. Thanks for Nino for letting me use his Prismacolors. I think I'm still woozy from the fumes.

We ended FCBD with some delicious gyros at Big Boys Gyros. Batman was just hanging out on a softball trophy.

So that was my wild and crazy FBCD. Thanks again to everyone. Now to work on GSD #2 and prepare for Motor City Comic-Con and Summit City Comic-Con! Yeah!


P.S. The Great Sandwich Twitter feed is back up and running on the side panel of the blog. Keep track of that with updates on what stores have what issues in stock, various announcements and of course, mysteries!

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