Friday, May 14, 2010

Motor City Comic-Con 2010 - Day 1!

Day 1 of Motor City Comic-Con 2010 was a blur! I'm sitting here in the lobby of the Courtyard Marriot, exhausted and full of Tubby's taco burger sub. Ohhhh yeahhhh. Today was a lot of fun despite it being pretty slow. Thank you to all who stopped by the table and bought prints and comics and whatnot. You all made my day. I didn't take a whole ton of photos because I was kinda out of it today. I'll try to take more pictures during the day tomorrow. So just a recap of what I have available at the table.

- The Great Sandwich Detective #1 ($4)
- How Stuff Happens #1 ($1)
- Ghosts! prints ($5) (I have only a couple of these left!)
- Old watercolor prints ($2) (Rorschach, Ghost Rider and Spidey)
- Sketch cards ($1 - Pencil and/or ink) ($2 - Painted)
- Robocop prints (Motor City Comic-Con exclusive) ($5) (Run of 20)
- Sketches ($1 - B&W) ($3 - Painted)
- Full 11x14 Commissions - TBD

I'm also running a contest where if you purchase anything from the table you get your name entered into a drawing to win the original watercolor Robocop painting. I'll be pulling the winning name about an hour or so before the show ends on Sunday. If you are coming to the show tomorrow but not staying for the whole thing, no worries. Just give me your e-mail address and I will make sure you get it if you win!

I also have some original art in my two portfolio books that I'm willing to sell, including a one of a kind Boba Fett watercolor painting. Perfect for Jeremy Bulloch to charge you $20+ to sign!

I'm gonna go get some much-needed sleep. I leave you with some pictures:


Sean modeling one of the free mustache stickers and looking very dastardly.

I'm doing a set of 3 sketch cards to be sold to raise money for Pediatric Oncology at the Chicagoland Entertainment Collectors Expo this fall. I'll post some more info soon.

The finished cards! Help a good cause!

MCCC 2010

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