Saturday, May 15, 2010

Motor City Comic-Con 2010 - Day 2!

Another rip-roaring day at Motor City Con 2010. Today was even more awesome than yesterday. Tons of traffic in the Artists Alley. I love it. The 'staches were a huge hit, even drawing the attention of Maryann from Gilligan's Island! Oh yeah! So tomorrow is sadly the last day so I'm hoping to meet even more awesome people. So if you haven't already, come by and give me a high five or hug and get a sketch or something. And if you have already, just come back again! So here's the bunch of pictures I promised. Enjoy.

Good morning to me.


Scott Pilgrim sketch card I did for fun. Come by and buy it or else Sean is gonna steal it from me!

Ryan as the Vegan Lantern.

Our team of mustachioed friends:

Our mascot of Day 2, complete with a monacle!

Sand 'stache!

I want your 'staaaache, I need your 'staaaache.

Somehow Freddy's 'stache didn't get burned off in the boiler room!


I ended the evening with some hot dogs and chili-cheese fries. Mmmmm.

Well, time to go party with my fellow geeks and have a few soda pops!

MCCC '10

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Kevin said...

so i was at the show today, and i picked up The Great Sandwich Man, AMAZING! i told my girlfriend to read it and she just loved it also, we wanted to know how we could get our hands on some of your other work? or Sandwich Man number 2?
I know is going to sound weird but i searched your name on facebook hoping to reach you that way, then i saw in bottom of the comic you had a site. so i made a (even weirder) blog so my girlfriend and i could view your work. so here i am now.
but i hope you come back next year
Hats off to you man stashes FTW