Friday, May 22, 2009

My Piece For Josh Medor's Benefit Damaged

Unfortunately, I just received an e-mail from Dave Kopecki, who is running the art auction for Josh Medors. Dave told me my piece came to him in the mail heavily damaged (thanks a lot USPS) and is afraid that it will not sell due to the condition. I told Dave to list the piece with the condition that I will do a new painting for the winner, whatever they request. I don't know if Dave is going to post that or not but be on the look out. If my piece is listed tomorrow for the auction, my offer stands that I will paint whatever the winner wants and mail it to them, this time in a cushioned lockbox with lasers and an airbag system if I have to.

I apologize to anyone who was looking forward to bidding on the Galactus painting. To be honest, I am extremely embarrassed. I should have sent it in better packaging. The employees at the post office are so rude and ignorant every time I'm in there so I was reluctant to listen to them when they were rifling off the nine million shipping options. That's my fault and I'm sorry.

I urge you to bid on whatever you can tomorrow. This is an extremely noble cause and one that is worth both your money and attention.


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