Saturday, May 16, 2009

Motor City Con 2009: Day 1

I had a blast yesterday at the first day of Motor City Con. It's such a great convention. The artists are great, the guests are great (except for charging $15-$20 or more for autographs) and most importantly the convention-goers are great! Oh yeah, and soft pretzels and cheese are really cheap in Michigan! So we sold some books, did some sketches, some paintings, got some work done. We had a lot of people join our league of mustachioed people. It was really really awesome to see people walking around the convention wearing our mustaches. I better see them on today! So I got a buttload of pictures to put up yesterday so check it out.

Our first $2 of the day! Boom.

This is the Galactus piece I did for the Josh Medors benefit. This will be going up for auction on May 23rd. For more info, click here.

Magneto needs a shave.

Space Ghost!

The pencils to a Boba Fett painting I did

And the inks! I don't know why I didn't take a pic of the finished painting yet. I will today and I'll post it later!

And now we present the initial members of our league of extraordinary mustaches!

Aw yeah mustaches! (Art & Jimmy The Muscle)

That's it for now. I will have pics of Day 2 up tomorrow! But I gotta go now because The Honky Tonk Man is in our hotel lobby and I think he's crabby! Yikes!

Motor City Con 2009!

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aaspaniak said...

I am Andrew. I stopped by your guys' booth during Motor City Comic Con Day 2 and took a mustache and had the guy from Mr. Deeds wear it and you said you wanted me to email you the picture but I cant find your email on the blog so my email is if you could send me an email I'll send you the picture.