Thursday, September 30, 2010


Show poster I did for Cochise Soulstar's upcoming show at The House Cafe on October 9th. (Disregard the Friday, it will be fixed)

Got a couple in-store appearances lining up next week so stay posted for more details, which I will have shortly. I'll also be announcing the details of the Issue #0 re-release that's coming in November. This weekend is 24 Hour Comic Project which is always a blast. I urge you to find a participating shop and go nuts! I'll be participating at the Comic Vault here in Chicago. You're more than welcome to attend. There will be pizza, energy drinks and insanity.

UPDATE: To promote the launch of The Great Sandwich Detective at G-Mart Comics, I will be appearing there next Friday, October 8th from 3-5 PM. I will be signing copies of books and doing sketches and whathaveyou. So come on out. Brian Walsby of the band Double Negative will also be appearing, signing copies of his books. G-Mart is located at 2641 N Kedzie Ave. in Chicago (Logan Square).

Also, the full run of The Great Sandwich Detective is now available for online order through!

Now back to wrapping up Issue #4!


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