Monday, September 20, 2010

Halloween Special Cover Preview

Hot off the Photoshops, the front cover of the Great Sandwich Detective #4, the Halloween Special!

This is going to be a really awesome issue. I did something different for this one. Instead of it being one long story, I split the issue into three shorts. I invited my friends Dave Scheidt and Dave Gruba to write two of the stories so this is the first time you'll see The GSD done by other writers, which is really awesome. Dave S.'s story is called "Witching Hour" and Dave G.'s is called "Dr. Pickle & Mr. Brine". In between those will be a one page strip I wrote called "Trick 'R Stuff". In the back we'll see amazing pinups by Frank Fosco and George Rizok as well as a special two-page guest backup story written and drawn by Issue #3 pinup artist Joe Tinaglia. Also included with the issue will be a Great Sandwich Detective jack o' lantern pattern. The Great Sandwich Detective #4 will be in stores October 27th.

- Dave!


Rick said...

Dave, I can't believe I am three issues behind on GSD or that you have already finished 4 issues! I was inspired by GSD at Issue 1, and just finished my first issue of RC. It got approved for launch on at You can see some of the preview pages there.

I'll see you at Kokomo Con and catch up on all the issues I need to get for me and my nephew!

Dave said...

That's awesome Rick! Can't wait to see the first issue. Unfortunately, I'm no longer going to be attending Kokomo Con. But if you still need to get the other issues, they're now available over at Sorry, I'm gonna miss you at KKC, sir!