Saturday, March 26, 2011

The First Ever Dave Will Only Make A Penny Sale!

UPDATE (4/5/11): IndyPlanet is back up and running and I just edited all the prices. There's a chance they won't change til tomorrow. So I'm officially saying the sale starts tomorrow (4/6) at 2 PM and will go until the end of next Wedneday (4/13). Remember, you can go now and purchase the variants to support the Red Cross.

UPDATE: IndyPlanet's going thru some maintenance which is preventing me from changing the prices of all the comics. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I'm trying to get an answer from IndyPlanet/Ka-Blam about when it will be fixed and so far I've gotten no answers. But rest assured, as soon as I can edit the prices, I will and the sale will go for a week from that time. However, the prices for the variants are correct and I am donating the profit from those to the Red Cross. So if you planned on purchasing those, you can still do that now! Sorry again!

Starting tomorrow morning and going until midnight on April 2nd, all of the comics I sell on will be marked down considerably. So marked down, that I'm only making ONE PENNY off each issue! You might think that's a stupid thing to do and you're right. But as much as I love money, I also love new readers. So this is where you come in. In addition to banking off this sweet deal yourselves, I urge you to recommend The Great Sandwich Detective to a friend/family member/enemy and tell them to take advantage of this awesome limited time offer. So head over to IndyPlanet tomorrow morning and get yourself or someone else some GSD love!

On the flip side, I'm leaving a couple issues at regular price on purpose. Both the Chicago Comic-Con 2010 Variant cover of Issue #3 and the sketch variant of Issue #5 will remain at their $3.99 cover prices but I will be donating my usual issue profit to the Red Cross to help relief efforts in Japan. So some of that money you saved on Issue #1-5, go spend on those special rare covers and help a good cause. On top of that, if you buy the Issue #5 sketch variant and mail it to me, I will personally draw on it and mail it back to you for free!

So head over to IndyPlanet this week and make me a widely read but financially unstable indie comics creator!


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