Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A New Hope

Here's a poster I did for an outdoor screening of A New Hope that we're doing at our apartment this weekend. I did it all digitally using my Wacom tablet. I went with basically a digital approach to cel-drawings and I really like how it turned out. I collaged it all together in Photoshop and added in the band, logo and text. It's borderless, 8.5 x 11. I may redo it soon in 11 x 17 without the additional text about the screening and make prints of it. This was the first big project I've done digitally and again I like the way it turned out. I'm working on a series of pop-culture related prints using this technique and I'll post them as I go along.

I thumbnailed out the portion of the Great Sandwich Detective Halloween issue that I wrote the other night and I'm going to start penciling it this week along with Dave Scheidt's portion. Once I get Dave Gruba's script I'll start thumbnailing his. I have a couple of great pinups lined up as well for this issue. It'll be hitting stores October 27th, just in time for Halloween and Detroit Fanfare.

I'm going to be doing a big re-order this upcoming week to restock most of the stores. So all my carriers should be in stock of Issues #1-3 within the next couple weeks. (Most of the city stores will have Issue #3 on September 8th). I'll also have my books in three new stores: Alternate Reality, G-Mart Comics and Westfield Comics (Madison, WI). I'm also talking to a number of stores as well. I'm still looking to expand to more stores outside of Illinois. If you're one of my out-of-state readers and would like your local shop to carry The GSD, please feel free to contact me.

That's it for now!



Rick said...

I notice Biggs Darklighter got the largest image space - It's because he has a stache, right?! Admiral Ackbar is a close second - no stache, but he has that catfish goatee thing going on. I guess that counts for something.

Dave said...

The stache is where it's at.