Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy National Sandwich Day!

I apologize for the delay in updates. I've been very busy with work and life that I haven't found time to get on here and keep things up to date. I hope you all had an awesome Halloween and more importantly a great National Sandwich Day. I know some of you celebrated by going out and picking up an copy of GSD #0. I know Issue #1 had been very delayed and I apologize for that as well. I am trying to find time this week to wrap up the last few pages. Once that's done, I just need to arrange and letter and it's ready to go to print. I am planning some cool things for the release. I also plan to have this be one big release as opposed to Issue #0 where different shops got stock at different times. I'm going to make it a point to get it out to the stores prior to the release date so that they can all put it out at the same time.

I recently did an art demo for Montana spraypaint at the Dick Blick in Wheaton, IL. I had a blast demonstrating and painting in front of everyone. The crowd was so awesome. The finished painting is actually hanging at the store so you can go check it out there. You can even make a bid on it (I think). Here's a shot of the finished piece:

And this is what happens when spraypaint explodes all over your hand:

Skull hand!

As some of you may know, my good friends David Gruba and Rene Castellano just released a brand new book, Bride Of Wolfman. I had the honor of seeing pages and character designs for the book a while back and it's such a cool story. I definitely urge you to hit up your local shop for it. If they don't carry it, demand it!

Unfortunately I won't be a part of the new C2E2 show this year. But a lot of great artists are going to be on hand so you should definitely go out and show your support for local Chicago artists. I think my next show will be Tablecon which I believe is sometime in January. I will keep you all posted. As for now, I need to get some sleep!

High five,

Oh yeah!

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