Sunday, July 11, 2010

Zombie Con 2 Recap

I had a very brief but very awesome time at Zombie Con 2 this past Saturday at The Comic Vault. I met some great people, got to hang out with some familiar faces and more importantly, got to draw some zombies. I have a couple sketches to share:

The Comic Vault has officially sold out of both The Great Sandwich Detective Issue #1 and Issue #2. That is absolutely insane. Thank you to everyone who bought a copy. That means the world to me. Please share it with your friends and family and enjoy it. That's why I do the book and I'm happy to see more and more people going out and grabbing a copy. You are all awesome. I'm going to drop off some more copies of Issue #1 this week and I'm placing an order for more copies of Issue #2 tomorrow. So I will replenish The Comic Vault with #2 and also get some copies down to Tenth Planet and Fantasy Books.

A placeholder until I bring more copies!

Thank you to everyone who also bought a Zombie Con 2 print this weekend. There are still prints available for sale at The Comic Vault. They're only $5 and I only made 20 of them! Here's a picture of the original (the print version has a white border around it and is signed and numbered).

In other awesome news, although I cannot be at San Diego Comic-Con this year, I will still have a print available there. I am doing an SDCC-exclusive print for Geekscape, the greatest geek podcast on Earth. They're going to have a booth there this year with all kinds of great stuff and Jonathan agreed to carry the print. So stop by there throughout the week of the con, pick up a print, smack Gilmore around and have fun. I'll post a picture of the print online tomorrow.

So that's it for now. I'm hard at work on Issue #3. I'm really excited about it. My next scheduled appearance will be August 14th at Monster Island Toys with Frank Fosco, Nino Mesarina and of course Lil' Nino Mesarina. Keep checking back for more announcements and updates and crazy artwork and whatnot.


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