Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gumballhead cat painting I did for my friend Eric for his birthday. Watercolor and ink on 11x14 Bristol.

Issue #2 is currently being printed over at Ka-Blam and should be shipping out on June 25th and should arrive in time for the intended June 30th release date. On the last shipment of Issue #1, Ka-Blam provided me with three blank sketch cards to draw on. I'm going to randomly place them in copies of Issue #2. Happy hunting.

I have some cool in-store events lined up for July and August, leading up to Chicago Comic-Con 2010. July 8th I will be appearing alongside Nino Mesarina, Alejandro Rosado and some other great artists TBA for Brainstorm Comics' X-Men #1 release event. We'll be hanging out that day sketching on your blank sketch cover variants of X-Men #1 and doing other awesome stuff. I'll have a new set of X-Men prints for that day as well. More info will be announced shortly. August 14th I'll be appearing again with Nino along with his son Lil' Nino and comics legend Frank Fosco at Monster Island Toys in Chicago. And finally, another event will take place at Brainstorm on August 19th, the day of Preview Night of Chicago Comic-Con 2010. I'm getting together a great group of artists to hang out, draw, sign etc. and we'll be welcoming the Comic Book Syndicate from Windsor-Ontario, Canada as they come down to film an episode of their show in the store. More details on all these great events will be announced.

I should have Issue #2 of How Stuff Happens out alongside Issue #2 of The Great Sandwich Detective on June 30th. Be sure to pick up both. And thank you for the continued support!


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