Friday, March 13, 2009

Old Sandwich Font

Hey, I found this sweet site where you can make your own fonts (, so I created a font based on what I use for signs and titles for The Great Sandwich Detective. I call it "Old Sandwich". I'm making it available for you all to download for free. Here's a sample of the font:

Click here to download!

(I used YouSendIt to upload, so the link only lasts for 7 days. If the link goes down, shoot me an e-mail and I'll re-upload it!)

A few comic shops in Illinois have agreed to carry The Great Sandwich Detective #0 (& The Egg Machine!) once I get the next batch printed up. I'm very very excited. I'm going to be talking to other stores as well. I added a section to the sidebar of the blog that will keep track of all the comic shops carrying GSD. Due note that at the time I type this, I do have the stores added on there but I haven't gotten the next batch printed yet. So the shops will not have GSD #0 in stock until I get the next print batch (which should be soon). I will let everyone know when the stores have them in stock.

Until next time. Peas.


P.S. I am 99.99999% sure I'm doing Motor City Con along with Andy Vanderbilt (Cover artist for The Great Sandwich Detective #0). I will post it in my convention schedule when I know for certain they've given me a table in the Artist's Alley!

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