Sunday, March 8, 2009

Awesome Saturday! (Pictures Included)

Hey hey hey. I had such a great time yesterday at both the University Park Library Comic Convention and the Ashley Baltazar Benefit. I would like to thank one million times Kelley Nichols for being the greatest hostess of all time. She truly cares about the arts (especially the comic arts!) and is just a wonderful person all around. I cannot wait to go back and do some more comic-coning there! Unfortunately Day 2 was canceled due to the bad weather, but it's all good.

The Ashley Baltazar Benefit was such an excellent time. I was so humbled to be drawing in the same lineup as artists like Art Baltazar and Tim Seeley. It was truly surreal. Thank you to everyone who bought some artwork from myself as well as the other artists. You people are great. According to Art, the artists raised $1824! Add that to everything else and the benefit earned $22,000! That's so awesome and it's such a great cause so I'm glad to see it was all a success.

I took pictures of everyone who bought some of my artwork and here they be:

This is Andrea showing off her new Tinkerbell.

This is Bella with her upside down Mr. Potato Head card.

And here's Bella again with her Michaelangelo. Cowabunga dudette!

Here's a half good, half bad bulldog for Sean.

And here's Sean showing it off.

Ghost Rider duder.

Here's my set of little monster cards.

And here's Gracie ready to give Franky a good home. Gracie also drew a picture for me that I will put up on the blog later!

Spidey for Mary. That was the original Spidey I had here on the blog. It was hard to part with him but it was for a good cause.

Powerpuff Yeah!

She <3s The Punisher

Here's Taylor with Kevin Broccoli from The Great Sandwich Detective.

And here's Taylor with the TMNT!

Here's a hedgehog giving a shout-out to Nat!

Here's a painting of Molly. I'm not a portrait guy people!

Here's Molly pretending to like her picture.

So there you have it. Awesome Saturday my friends. GSD #0 is finished. All my copies got bought up by the University Park Library so I will be making a bunch more soon. I will, as always, keep you posted on everything!


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