Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lil' Cap! Spidey! Zombies! Ninjas!

Did a buncha doodlin' and sketchin' this weekend. Here's a few of them. One's in color and the other two are b & w straight from my sketchbook and darkened a little bit in Photoshop. I got another sweet ass zombie pinup but I'm gonna take my time coloring it and whathaveyou. I also have a bitchin' Avengers group shot I did as well. Those will be up eventually. I'm finally gonna make some business cards. I drew the logo for the back of the card tonight. Enjoy, please:

Here's a little pudgy Cap to go along with the Dum Dum from earlier. I wanna make a coloring book of these someday:

Here's a Spidey that I did on accident and I love it. I vow to do it again but better real soon. It reminds me of the style they're doing Spectacular Spider-Man in. That's a really sweet cartoon, you should check it out if you can:

And finally here's a ninja chopping a zombie in half. I mostly did this to show Drew. So if you're reading this Drew, here ya go budday:

(Click on this one to make it bigger!)

Also, if you get a chance, swing on over to Aaron's new blog. He's got something similar to mine where he's gonna throw up random sketches and shit when he can. But most importantly, he'll be putting up Alex Ghost preview pages and covers whenever he so chooses. So check it out at: And while you're checking art blogs out, hit up Chuck BB's. He's a cool ass dude and a fellow lover of metal and he's going to be doing a cover for one of the Alex Ghost issues. I just read his graphic novel Black Metal and it was hilarious, definitely read that immediately! Anyways,


- MFDave

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