Friday, February 19, 2010

Wintercon 2010 & Others

This Sunday, February 21st, I will be appearing at Wintercon 2010 at The Comic Vault in Chicago, IL. The event takes place all day Saturday and Sunday and features a rotating lineup of some very awesome Chicago artists/creators including Nino Mesarina, Tim Seeley and Tony Maldonado. There will be special promotions throughout the show. I will be appearing, as I said above, on Sunday the 21st from 4-6 PM.

I will be signing anything you'd like, from copies of GSD #0 and #1 (if you were lucky to get any of the early release, handmade Indy Comic Book Week copies from Brainstorm Comics in January), pictures, stuff, your buttcheek, etc. I will be of course doing as many sketches as I possibly can in two hours. I will also have a brand new limited edition print for sale. The print will come in three different color variations (blue/green, red/orange and black/gray/white) on 4 x 11, 67 lb. beige cardstock with a neat border. I'll also have a bunch of one-of-a-kind pen & crayon stickers for sale. And when I mean one-of-a-kind, I really mean it. Each one is hand-drawn and colored and will be the only one in existence. So come rummage through those. I'll also be selling whatever random sketch cards and portfolio stuff I have in my briefcase. I still have the old Spidey, Ghost Rider and Rorschach prints and I'm trying to get rid of those as I plan on having a new set for this summer's convention season. I, unfortunately, will not have copies of The Great Sandwich Detective #1 with me. All the copies I made for Indy Comic Book Week are sold out as far as I know. I am placing an order through Kablam for a large stock this upcoming week as soon as my tax return comes in.

So expect an early March widespread release of GSD #1. I will have issue #2 out by sometime in April. I will also have something special for Chicagoland comic stores for Free Comic Book Day in May. I will have more info on that as it unfolds.

So Wintercon will kind of be the early kickoff for convention season. I will be registering my table in the Artist Alley for Motor City Con (May 14th-16th in Novi, MI) in the upcoming week or so. I'll be joined by my Alex Ghost partner Aaron Pittman. Like I said previously, I will have a new set of prints, copies of Issues #0, #1 and #2 and I'm also working on a summer convention exclusive sketchbook. I also promise to continue my tradition of cardstock, wearable mustaches for you, your friends and random celebrities to wear throughout the shows. I also hope that by the end of the summer/convention season, I will have the Food Book near completion and ready for publishing.

I guess that's it for now. I will have pictures of the prints up as well as pictures from Wintercon early next week. I don't have an absolute ton of new art to show you but I'd like to share a poster I made for my roommate and myself's birthday party we had a few weeks ago. I think it's pretty rad.

High five power,

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