Monday, December 13, 2010

The GSD #5 Christmas Special Sneek Preview!

Ho, ho, h- cough, cough.

Sorry I've been sick for a few days and definitely not loving it. Despite my ailments and the large amount of soup I've consumed over the past 72 hours, I was still able to make it to the Comic Vault on Saturday for Lance Briggs' Holiday Comic Drive. I had a blast despite not being able to speak (my Yeah buddy, No buddy signs worked wonders for communication). I met some great people, great fans and got to meet the big man himself. He wasn't that scary. I just wanna say big ups to Matt Sardo for pretty much just being really awesome. And thanks to everyone who donated their old comics, you're helping a great cause.

So as I promised (although a bit late) here is the preview of the Great Sandwich Detective #5 Christmas Special, aka Toasts Of Christmas Past. I did it a bit differently this time around and did the issue in the style of a storybook. So each page is one big painting with a caption. I know, I know. I just blew your mind. Merry Christmas.

Issue #5 will be in stores December 22nd. It's 32 pages of story, 36 pages total including guest pinups by Art Baltazar and George Rizok.

And as an added Christmas bonus, I am putting the Christmas issue up for sale a week early over at That's right, this Wednesday, December 15th, you can order the GSD #5 a whole week early! Oh, is that not enough? Also this Wednesday, for one week only I'll also be putting the Chicago Comic-Con 2010 exclusive variant of Issue #3 up in the store as well. Everyone calm down.


In non-GSD-related news, I'll be on the artists panel again this Thursday for the December edition of Atomic Sketch at evilOlive in Wicker Park. I'll be joined by other great artists including my brother Danny. Be there.

And that should be my last event appearance of 2010. Man, what a year. But I'll wrap that up later. I'm currently working out my convention schedule for 2011 and I can already tell it's gonna be a great year. New places. New people. Also familiar places and people. All awesome. Good times.


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