Monday, August 16, 2010

Chicago Comic-Con Preview!

Woah! It's already time for Chicago Comic-Con! So I figured I'd give a preview of what I'll have available at the table this year. I'm going to be in the Artist Alley at Table #3531. I'll be sharing a table with my good friends Aaron Pittman and Alejandro Rosado. They will also have cool stuff available.

As expected, I will have copies of The Great Sandwich Detective #1 and #2 available. Issue #3 is technically coming out this week. I posted up the cover preview for Issue #3 last week. That's the cover for the regular retail release. Due to a shipping error, the retail copies of Issue #3 will not be available til the end of August. I apologize for that but it was a totally unforseen hiccup. However, I will have Issue #3 available at Chicago Comic-Con in the form of a CCC-exclusive variant cover which I am proud to unveil right now:

This is going to be in limited quantity seeing as this was supposed to a limited exclusive alongside the regular retail copies of Issue #3. So if you really want Issue #3 this week you better get out to Comic-Con and pick one up!

Keeping up with my Summer Of Prints, I will have a brand new exclusive print for the convention. If you're a fan of the Ghosts! print and a fan of the 3D movie craze, you'll love this:

The print will be 8.5 x 11 on white cardstock. They will be limited to 25 copies and will be hand numbered and signed. Each print also comes with a pair of white 3D cardstock glasses. If you have a pair of old school anaglyph glasses available (red & blue lenses), you can preview the greatness above.

I will also have a limited run Great Sandwich Detective shirt for sale as well.

The red shirt with black logo will be available in small and medium. They are handscreened on preshrunk 100% cotton shirts. ($5)

The black shirt with white logo will be available only in large. They are handscreened on preshrunk 100% cotton shirts. $5

I will also have leftover prints from previous shows, original artwork and paintings and other random stuff as well. And of course, I'll be doing sketches all weekend. I'm doing $1 b & w sketches, $3 color sketches and any full size (11x14 Bristol) commissions will be based on the request.

For all you aspiring detectives out there, there will also be a Great Sandwich Detective scavenger hunt game throughout the weekend at the convention center. Hidden all over the convention center will be cardstock sandwiches. They will be stuck to walls, booths, garbage cans, bathroom stalls, etc. Each sandwich will have a random QR code printed on it. QR codes can be scanned on smartphones using a barcode scanner app. Each QR code is redeemable for a free prize at our booth including prints, shirts and comics. So happy hunting!

There will also be mini Great Sandwich Detective papercraft dolls hidden all over the convention center. If you can find him, you can keep him!

I think that just about covers it. I will be updating all weekend on my personal Twitter account (I promise to try to keep it clean for the kids) and I'll try to upload pictures throughout the weekend.

See you all at the con!

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