Thursday, April 22, 2010

And Here We Go...

Busy, busy, busy. I have been reallllly busy getting ready for what it going to be an event-packed May. For starters, I will be signing at three stores next weekend for Free Comic Book Day. I will be appearing at Brainstorm Comics, G-Mart Comics and The Comic Vault. Please refer to my schedule for times and such. I will be giving out (limited!) free copies of the first edition of my early readers book "How Stuff Happens", signing whatever your heart desires, doing as many sketches as possible and I will also have a limited edition FCBD print for sale. It's gonna be rad.

I'll also have an exclusive print for Motor City Comic-Con, which I'm working on now. I'll also have a new set of 3 prints for sale.

I will be contributing a painting for the Hero Intiative auction at Summit City Con as well. I urge you to bid on it for a great cause! I'll also be doing 10 Summit City Con sketch cards which will be put up for sale as well.

I have FINALLY ordered copies of Great Sandwich Detective #1! FINALLY! They will be arriving at my doorstep just in time for Motor City Con. Whatever stock I have left after Summit City Con will be split up between all the stores that have been waiting for copies to be released on May 26th. So if you're not going to any of the cons, you'll be able to get GSD #1 at the end of May! I'm working on Issue #2 as I write this with plans to release it in June.

I will be appearing at the Richton Park Comic-Con August 28th, the weekend after Chicago Comic-Con. Thanks again to Kelley Nichols!

That's it for now. I got tons of stuff to work on. I'm gonna try to start posting up whole finished pieces soon instead of just random sketches. Woo!


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