Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scanner Screwy & Alex Pages Coming!

I actually have art to post up but my scanner is acting all screwy. I gotta reset it or something. I have some cool sketches of The Hulk and Punisher as well as a comic strip I did completely in crayon called "What I Did On My Unemployment". Said unemployment is ending Sunday. I got a job as a computer salesperson at Best Buy, which is pretty sweet. The discount is out of this world. I am most definitely buying a Wacom tablet once I get some paychecks rolling in.

Aaron mailed out I believe half of Alex #1 last Friday. Since the package weighs so much, it's kind of slow getting here. But once I get em, I'm gonna get cracking and I'll probably post up some snapshots of some panels or something. I've been steadily working on Percy The Nazi Killer as well. I just e-mailed the script for Issue #2 to Aaron today. So that's three issues down so far (including #0). I got two more issues of this arc to write and then I think I'll take a break for a week or so and focus on getting the art for Alex ready. I also gotta work on 5 pages of Percy with Aaron because we're going to be pitching it to a few companies. Things are looking pretty good. We have a meeting with the publisher for Alex Ghost in a couple weeks. And then September 13th & 14th, Aaron and I have Inter-Fan Jam '08 in Homewood, IL. We're gonna have brand new Percy The Nazi Killer posters to give out. And I think we're going to have brand new Alex Ghost posters for Mid-Ohio Con. So if any of you got a poster at Wizard World Chicago, feel special because we'll probably not be re-printing that one since we opted for a new cover. If you have one and are coming to either Inter-Fan or M.O.C., bring it with so we can draw mustaches and dicks all over it.

I saw the layout for Joe Dodd's (Green Lantern) cover for Alex Ghost #2. It's gonna be so fucking awesome. I'm so excited to be working with such talented artists. Alex Ghost #3's over will be done by Dan Cassity of the Comic Creator Cabal and creator of Morningstar. And then Alex #4's cover will be by the black metal beast himself, Chuck BB (Black Metal, Decibel Magazine). Can't wait.

I guess that's it for now. I'll get this bitch ass scanner to work and then I'll post some new stuff up. Chuuuuuuuch.


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